Solis (S6-EH3P(5-10)K-H-EU)


S6 Solar inverter that can connect solar panels and a high voltage battery. This inverter will capture the solar during the day and provide power to your home loads and charge the battery. At night it will use the battery to satisfy your home loads. This will prevent you from using any power from the grid and save you from ever paying them a cent! Fight back with the new S6 solar hybrid inverter from Solis.

Energy Storage Inverter

Leading Features

  • Integrated 3 to 4 MPPTs, suitable for residential rooftop installations with multiple array orientations
  • Supports Unbalanced and Half-Wave Loads on the Grid Port and on the Backup Port
  • Compatible with multiple brands of battery models giving customers multiple battery options
  • Controllable and Upgadeable via the SolisCloud App to avoid site visits
  • Multiple working modes to meet different use case scenarios
  • Supports pure off grid applications with generator communication support
  • Safety protection with integrated AFCI function, which actively detects arc faults in the PV Array
  • Natural convection design without external fans
  • Up to 16A of MPPT current input to support 182mm/210mm solar panels
  • Supports 1.6 DC:AC ratio to connect more PV capacity to the energy storage system
  • UPS level switching time (<10ms) supporting critical loads all the time
  • High PV charge efficiency to prevent excess PV loss
  • Up to 50A/10kW max charge/discharge rating with industry highest level 10kW of backup loads support capability