Solis (S5-EO1P(4-5)K-48)


S5-EO1P(4-5)K-48 series off-grid inverter is designed for areas without power grids or areas with frequent power outages. It supports parallel operation up to 10 units, system up to 50kW. Exquisite appearance and compact structure make installation more convenient. Integrate multiple protections and fault monitoring to ensure the safety of batteries and equipment.

nergy Storage Inverter

Leading Features

  • Integrated LCD Display
  • Built-in bluetooth for mobile monitoring
  • ¬†Intelligent EMS function
  • One-Click fast charging mode
  • Remote control & firmware upgrade
  • Work with battery or without battery
  • Maximum PV input voltage up to 500VDC
  • Built-in MPPT solar charge controller
  • AC charger up to 80A and solar charger up to 100A
  • Single phase parallel operation up to 10 units (50kW)
  • Configurable AC/Solar input priority based on applications
  • Battery equalization for optimized battery performance and lifecycle
  • Manual wakeup the overdischarged battery to extend battery lifespan
  • Compatible with multiple brands of Lithium battery and lead-acid battery