Solis (S5-GR3P(3-20)K)



S5-GR3P(3-20)K three-phase series string inverter are reliable preferred equipment for residential, small industrial and commercial pv stations. Smaller size, higher efficiency, a variety of power models Available for selection. Adopt two MPPT access, more flexible and efficient.

3-20kW Three Phase Inverter

Leading Features

  • Max. efficiency 98.7%
  • String current up to16A
  • Wide voltage range and low startup voltage
  • AFCI protection, proactively reduces fire risk
  • Supports export power control
  • Supports RS485, WiFi, GPRS
  • Scan to register on SolisCloud, supports remote upgrade and control
  • Automatic voltage stabilization technology in weak gridconditions
  • Compact design, simple installation and maintenance
  • Supports high power modules for lower installation costs
  •  > 150% DC/AC ratio
  • IP66