400V: 100K/110K

100-110kW three-phase series string inverter adopt 10 MPPT design to provide a more flexible configuration scheme with a smaller environmental impact rate and higher generation efficiency. Max. 13A per string, 150% DC overloading capability, remote and local intelligent IV scan function.

100-110kW Three Phase Inverter

Leading Features

  • 10 MPPTs, max. efficiency 98.7%
  • > 150% DC/AC ratio
  • High power tracking density 90MPPT/MW
  • Compatible with bifacial modules
  • Intelligent string monitoring,smart I-V curve scan
  • Remote firmware upgrade with simple operation
  • Night SVG function
  • AFCI protection, proactively reduces fire risk
  • Type I SPD for DC (standard) and AC (optional)
  • Built-in PID recovery for better module performance (optional)
  • Globally recognised branded componentry for longer life
  • Overvoltage load reduction and leakage current suppression technology, low failure rate
  • Globally recognised branded componentry for longer life
  • Power line communication (PLC) (optional)
  • DC side supports "Y" connector
  • Supports aluminium wire access to reduce cost